Reborn to a World Changed

You were a hero. In an age of epic struggles and climactic battles, you were a linchpin; the fate of the world, for good or ill, hung upon your shoulders. And then, you were nothing. Nothing at all.

In the middle of the greatest war the world has ever encountered, Aesur, the Undefeated Sun, King of the Gods decided to intercede and declare the war, and the Age of Heroes, over. The Magelords that had ruled the world of Avarda for countless centuries were all slain; the Dragons and mystical beasts of the world were banished Elsewhere; magic was stripped from the fabric of the world and the mighty heroes and villains who were the hallmark of the world all vanished, one by one, leaving no trace of their passage.

But all of that has changed now. Aesur has rescinded his edict. Magic and magical beast have returned to our world, and the Heroes have awaken from their centuries long imprisonment, and found themselves alone in a changed world. But just as before, the world’s fate, for good or ill, lies squarely in your hands…

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Phoenix Rise

Vkdemon Marshall