Cedric Thorne

Chief Scientist and Siege Engineer to the Former Magelord Xerxes


LE Human Alchemist 7 Master Chymist 9
Medium Humanoid


Cedric is a cold man. Aloof, proud, intellectual and distant, Cedric sees his interaction with the rest of humanity as an unfortunate necessity. He will, without a second thought, sacrifice those close to him to gain what he wants and what he wants is to scientifically examine the balance of mind, body and soul; even if he must dissect all three to accomplish this. Once the chief Scientist to the Magelord Xerxes, he disappeared with the rest of the “Great” at the end of the Dragon Wars.

…Leonard on the other hand is a huge, lovable oaf. He quickly forms attachments to people and sincerely just wants to be liked by everyone. None too bright, he’ll pretty much do whatever he’s told. If someone he cares for is threatened, he becomes a force to be reckoned with, protecting them from danger no matter the cost to himself.

Cedric Thorne

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