Meallan Stormborn

Bastard Son of former Magelord Harad


Male Human Sorcerer 16

HD: 16d6+80 (137)

Speed: 30 ft

Init: +6

AC: 26 (Touch 19; Flat Foot 20)

BAB: +8

CMB: +13

CMD: +13

Attack: Sky Lance 18/13 Melee (1d8+14 piercing plus 1d6 electric, 20/x2 plus thundering) or Mwk Javelines 15 ranged (1d69 plus 1d6 electric)

SQ: Storm Child (Resistance Electricity 5, Sonic 5. Wind Effects reduced by 2 degrees. Blindesense 60 feet in mist or fog).

SA: Thunderstaff, Thunderbolt, Ride the Lightning

Saves: Fort +10, Ref +10, Will +12

Abilities: Str 21, Dex 22, Con 21, Int 18, Wis 14, Cha 30

Skills: Bluff +29, Diplomacy +26, Fly +25, Intimidate +29, Sense Motive 18, Spellcraft +23

Feats: Deadly Aim, Enlarge Spell, Combat Casting, Maximize Spell, Empower Spell, Thundering Spell, Elemental Spell, Arcane Strike, Armor Proficiency (Light), Arcane Armor Training, Expanded Arcana


0- Spark, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Read Magic, Ray of Frost, Light, Arcane Mark, Prestidigitation, Message.

1-Shocking Grasp, Shield, Magic Missile, Endure Elements, True Strike, Enlarge Person

2- Gust of Wind, Scorching Ray, Blur, Protection from Arrows, Fog Cloud, Touch of Idiocy

3- Lightning Bolt, Fireball, Wind Wall, Fly, Sleet Storm

4- Ice Storm, Shout, Stoneskin, Bestow Curse, Fire Shield

5- Overland Flight, Cone of Cold, Telekinesis, Teleport, Elemental Body II

6- Chain Lightning, Contingency, Greater Dispel, Globe of Invulnerability

7- Control Weather, Plane Shift, Elemental Body IV, Limited Wish

8- Polar Ray, Clone.

Equiptment: Belt of Physical Perfection +4, Headband of Great Leadership +6, +5 Leather Armor, +5 Thundering Spear, Ring of the Magelord, Ring of Protection +3, Cloak of Resistance +2


Harad was a powerful, frightening man, one of the most powerful sorcerers who ever lived. He was capable of horrifying deeds, deadly mood swings and whims that would carry away the lives of thousands.

Meallan takes after his father, and he hates this fact with every fiber of his body. Meallan is a dangerous man, as aloof and unpredictable as his father ever was, but he’s sworn he will find a way to distance himself from Harad’s reputation and has set out on the difficult path of finding how to do this.

Meallan Stormborn

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