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  • Aesur

    _Lightbringer, Undefeated Sun, Dusklord, King of the Heaven and Hell_ *Greater God Symbol:* A stylized sun *Home Plane:* The Heavens *Alignment:* LG *Portfolio:* Sun, Fire, Sky, Humans, Victory, and Justice *Domains:* Air, Fire, Glory, …

  • Zoraya

    _The Dreamer_ *Lesser Deity Symbol:* A Weather Vane *Home Plane:* The Heavens *Alignment:* Chaotic Good *Portfolio*: Wind, Sailors, Freedom, Flying Creatures *Domains:* Air, Chaos, Good, Liberation, Weather *Favored Weapon:* Longbow …

  • Ysira

    _She of Starry Eyes, Lithis' Bane, Aesur's Shame, Dragonfriend_ *Intermediate Goddess Symbol:* A crescent Moon *Home Plane:* The Heavens *Alignment:* Chaotic Good *Portfolio:* Moon, Night, Magic, Bastards *Domains:* Air, Luck, Knowledge, …

  • Malvena

    _Mother Nature_ *Greater Goddess Symbol:* A Tree with root and branch intertwining *Alignment:* Neutral Good *Portfolio:* Earth, Nature, Life, Fey creatures. *Domains:* Earth, Healing, Animal, Plant, Protection *Favored Weapon:* …

  • Nerai

    _The Unfathomable, Mother of Monsters_ *Greater Goddess Symbol:* A dark blue disc *Alignment:* True Neutral *Portfolio:* Water, The Deep Ocean *Domains:* *Favored Weapon:* Harpoon Nerai is strange and unknowable. She never speaks and …

  • Aevisa

    *Lesser Goddess Symbol:* A Stalk of Grain *Alignment:* NG *Portfolio:* Agriculture, Healing, Family, Compromise, Halflings *Domains:* Animal, Community, Healing, Plant Domain *Favored Weapon:* A scythe

  • Tamvor

    *Intermediate God Symbol:* A Hand Holding a Lightningbolt *Alignment:* CG *Portfolio:* Storms, Weather, Anger, Omens *Domains:* Air, Chaos, Destruction, Strength, Weather *Favored Weapon:* Javelin

  • Reyas

    *Lesser God Symbol:* A Knave Playing Card of any Suit *Alignment:* CN *Portfolio:* Tricksters, Thieves, Gamblers, Actors *Domains:* Chaos, Darkness, Luck, Trickery *Favored Weapon:* Dart

  • Adrius

    _The Divine Archivist_ *Lesser God Symbol:* An Open Book *Alignment:* LN *Portfolio:* Knowledge, Scholarship, Science, Doctors *Domains:* Healing, Knowledge, Magic, Rune *Favored Weapon:* Quarterstaff Adrius is an accidentally …

  • Adellena

    *Intermediate Goddess Symbol:* A Rose *Alignment:* CG *Portfolio:* Beauty, Love, Lust, Reigning Queens *Domains:* Chaos, Charm, Good, Luck, Nobility, Protection *Favored Weapon:* Longbow

  • Corellus

    *Intermediate God Symbol:* A Harp *Alignment:* CG *Portfolio:* Art, Music, Bards, Wanderers, Travelers, Craftsmen, Tradesmen *Domains:* Artifice, Chaos, Knowledge, Good, Travel *Favored Weapon:* Rapier

  • Lathas

    *Intermediate God: Symbol:* A Trident *Alignment:* Neutral Good *Portfolio:* Waves, Sea Creatures, Fishermen, Sea Captains *Domains:* Animal, Good, Water, Nobility,

  • Daegen

    *Intermediate God Symbol:* A Cluster of black tentacles *Alignment:* CE *Portfolio:* Sea Monsters, Destruction, Aberations, Madness, Chaos *Domains:* Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Madness, Strength, Water *Favored Weapon:* A Whip

  • Gerigon

    *Intermediate God Symbol:* A Human Skull *Alignment:* Lawful Neutral *Portfolio:* Death, Inevitability, Fate, Unpleasant Duties, Stone *Domains:* Death, Earth, Law, Repose *Favored Weapon:* Scythe

  • Raestor

    *Intermediate God Symbol:* A Double-Bladed Axe *Alignment:* CN *Portfolio:* War, Battle, Revenge, the Forge *Domains:* Artifice, Destruction, Fire, Strength, War *Favored Weapon:* Battle Axe As a mortal, Aesur gave him his own fires so …

  • Lithis

    *Greater Goddess: Symbol:* A Black Dagger *Alignment:* Neutral Evil *Portfolio:* Darkness, Undeath, Revenge *Domains:* Air, Darkness, Death, Evil *Favored Weapon:* Dagger

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