Dragon Wars

The Dragon Wars were a horribly convoluted conflict between the varrious Magelords of Avarda, the Dragons who had been their rivals from time immemorial, and various heroes who were struggling either to foil nepharious plots or take advantage of the conflict to advance their own goals


A mighty Red Dragon Zerephimarigus united Dragon-Kin behind it and declares war against the Magelords of Avarda. One of the Magelords, Narazant, takes advantage of the distraction of his peers to begin making plans to ascend to Godhood. Unfortunately the Red Dragon found out about it, and decided to make a play at ascendancy himself.


I don’t have anything here on purpose. The Dragon Wars were a period of plots and counter-plots. At any point in the war, countless numbers of nefarious schemes were all struggling against each other, all trying to achieve something. Whatever your characters were involved in is up to you. I’ll add your stories to the totality of the Dragon Wars.

Major action

Here’s a list of the biggest battles in the Dragon Wars

Siege of Tyrn

Also known as the Battle of Three Armies, the City of Tyrn was allowed to exist in peace throughout most of the war. The mages didn’t want to risk angering the protector of the city, a Great Wyrm Dragon who never sided with his draconic brethren. The dragons, for their part, always simply assumed that Tyrn was already theirs. When they finally realized their error, a huge number of dragons from across the world began converging on Tyrn.

The Magelords decided to step in. The Magelords arrived en mass with their armies and managed to defeat the first few dragons to arrive and the forces attempting to defend Tyrn from the outside. The Magelords stripped the city of any usable resource, until the main force, over four hundred Dragons, arrived from the east and forced the magelords into retreating.

Siege of Dragonport

After losing Tyrn, the Magelords retreated en mass to Xerxes’ tower above the city of Dragonport. The Magelords began weaving their defenses over the tower, preparing for the terrible siege that was inevitably coming. Meanwhile a force of four hundred dragons used Tyrn as a staging-point and flew north to Dragonport.

The siege lasted six months.

In the end, the Dragons broke inexplicably and unexpected. The Red Emperor who had lead the army, suddenly left the battle and raced north and without leadership the remainder of the dragons got bored or were chased off.

Dragon Wars

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