Starting from the very beginning…

Creation of the World

Corellus the Wanderer traveled from afar and found a Plane of endless mist, and at the heart of the mist he found a seed. He seperated sea from sky and the seed gave birth to Dark Lithis and Unfathomable Nerai. He sang another song and the seed brought forth Motherly Malvena and formed the land. But the land was so dark that he could not see his creation, so he sang a final song and the remainder of the seed was consumed bringing Bright Aesur into the Heavens.

Wandering of Corellus

As the bard waited for the creation of the World he spoke true words. “Here in this world shall be born my wife” and so he set out to find her.

He first traveled to the deep oceans of the world and there met a terrible monster, a terrible abomination who caught and trapped Corellus. It named itself Daegen and claimed to be the son of the Goddess of the Sea. Corellus bribed it with the art of music and it released him and let him pass. To this day Daegen sits within the deep, spawning monsters and composing the song that will end the world.

Corellus saw Nerai and she desired him. She offered him a banquet of her personal oysters which cause any man who eats them to become enamored of her and thus seduced him. From their union was born Nerai’s younger son, Lathas. However once they had lain together the magic of the oysters wore off, and Corellus the Wanderer followed his nature away and left the sea for the land. There, in the sacred forrest of Malvena, he bore witness to Malvena, Mother of all life, in labor. From her womb grew an enormous rose and in the petals was Adelena, Queen of Beauty, fully formed and adult. And Corellus fell in love with her instantly and proposed on the spot. It would be many years before she agreed.

Lithis and Aesur

Aesur was born into the world as mate and husband to Lithis of the Air. And yet she never forgave him for surpassing her in the supremacy of the heavens. For an age, Aesur was caused frustration for Lithis would not pay him her wifely duties. Finally Aesur came to his wife and said “Enough, wife! The time has come that you drop this charade and pay me that which wife’s owe their husbands.”

And Lithis said, “My Lord, I agree that you are my husband and that it was made to be that husband and wife should lay together, but My Lord presents such a terrifying demenor, wearing your bright armor and carrying your mighty sword. That I could look upon your face perhaps then I could love you as is my duty.”

And Aesur laughed and cast asside his sword and doffed his helm and breastplate. “Look then, My Lady, upon my radiance. Do you not find me comely now.”

And Lithis feigned wonder, and in her duplicity, led him away from his arsenal to her bedchambers. But no sooner did she have him alone then she drew her terrible dagger and struck him down, then cast him from the heavens into the Western Sea, and in banishing light from the heavens became the Goddess of Darkness.

Aesur and Nerai

Aesur was cast from the heavens and found himself in the domain of his sister Nerai. And the queen of the Deep came to him and invited him to dinner, and as was her want presented him with her Oysters, and as was that nature he found himself unable to resist her charms and he lay with her. From that union came Ysira, Goddess of the Moon.

To his horror, Aesur found he could not escape the palace of Nerai, for her terrible son Daegen guarded the passage outside. Malvena, distressed at the sunless world sent her son-in-law to present Aesur with her own weapon, the Cthonic Hammer of Earth. Armed with this new weapon, Aesur defeated Daegen for long enough to escape into the deepest trenches of the Deep. Aesur escaped to the Neatherworld

Aesur in the Netherworld

The myths of Aesur in the Netherworld are sparse, this is what is written in Scripture.

The world benieth our own was dark and full of terrors, gibbering blindly to themselves in the eternal darkness. When Aesur’s light fell upon them this race of horrors let out a collective scream as they beheld themselves and were filled with hatred and loathing for all things in the world. Against the darkened tide, Aesur created the Palace of Twlight and there planned his next move.

And the fires of Aesur spread across the darkenened world. And the Sun God’s armies marched across the deep. Nine Duchies were errected in the new-founded Kingdom of Hell, a dark bastion of order against the endless darkness of chaos. And those within the light of Aesur were divided between those that embraced it and those who wished for the dark again.

Corellus braved the fires and darkness. And he found Aesur managing his new kingdom.

“Lord Aesur, your sister Malvena begs you to return to the surface. The land is dark and cold without you. Her children starve and freeze in the eternal night.”

And Aesur found compassion once more stirring in his hardened heart. And he forged a new mace, and left his chief lieutenant as Regent. And he broke into the sky from the Gates of Dawn upon a great chariot of fire. And triumphant, he banished Dark Lithis from her place in the sky. And his might he healed the frozen world. However Aesur could not remain indefinitely in the Heavens. He too had a kingdom benieth the earth and he dared not neglect it for fear that the Dark hords would overrun Hell’s defenses and break into Avarda from the Gates of Dawn. So at the end of each day he would once more travel into the Netherworld and, in his absence, Lithis once more would command the sky until his return at Dawn.


Ysira was born the union of Nerai and Aesur. She was her father’s daughter, a body of celestial radiance, however Aesur found he could not behold her without thinking of his own indiscresion with the Unfathomable Goddess, and so banished her from his sight for most days of the Month. Dutiful Ysira walked into the night.

Lithis beheld Ysira and hated her instantly. In a rage, she attacked the goddess of the moon, and in desperation, Ysira fought back. For one month she fought a losing battle against the Dark One. However, Ysira did not battle without a plan. As soon as she percieved that she was losing the battle, she began codifying the Words of Creation that all Gods know into a system comprehendable by mortals. She gave this power to the Golden Dragons in exchange for their aid. The elder dragons flung themselves with their new-found power against the Dark Goddess, however not even armed with their new-found magic could they defeat her. However as she carelessly destroyed all of the dragons arrayed against her, she unwittingly signed her own death-warrent. As the elder dragons died, they took their place within the night-time heavens, each a burning point of light. In that moment, the tide of battle changed. Each night, Ysira gained back a little more of herself. Each night, more dragons took their place within the sky. And Finally, Ysira was again at her full strength, and with a single arrow from her glowing bow, struck Lithis dead.

Birth and Death of Man

Aesur looked down from the heavens and saw the Sylven children of Malvena. Inspired by these lesser creatures, given of free will but without the power of a god. Aersur decided he, too, should have such servitants and followers and set mankind down upon the land beneith him. Malvena was not pleased with this entrusion to her domain, but the Earth mother had already given up her Hammer, and decided that to war against Aesur was futile. However, Malvena possessed no powers over mankind’s population, and soon, she found that her own children were being threatened. She gave birth to two children, and placed a powerful geas upon both that nothing could harm them. Matras was the maiden of life and came out first. Gerigon was the Lord of Death and was born second, and in giving birth to him, Malvena died. Gerigon was tasked to become the Death of Man, and to take their souls to the netherworld.

Fey War

Aesur was enfuriated. In his anger he declared war against these new gods of the Earth. His human children raged against the sylvan. Aesur raised two great champions to him among his followers. The first was the greatest warrior among the humans, known as Raestor. The second was a woman in whom Aesur invested a portion of his own divine magic, known as Azaera. To the fist, he gifted a terrible axe. To the second, he gave the hammer that Malvena had once bestowed to him.

As many wars do, it came to a final siege deep within the forest. Raestor and Azaera broke into the inner sanctum and there, before the twin children of the Earth, stood fast. Gerigon moved to slay the pestering mortals, but even as he seperated Raestor’s soul from his body, the warrior clasped hold of the God of Death and began wrestling with him, keeping him from moving against Azaera. The High Priestess confronted Matras, and raised to strike the goddess. In fear, she reacted without thought, she took the hammer, and slew Azaera. And in doing so, she once again became Malvena, Goddess of the Earth, no longer under the protection of her own deathspell.

Aesur manifested immediately, and ended the war. Malvena surrendered the Hammer, and surrendered herself to him to seal their peace. From this uneasy union, Aevisa, Goddess of Agriculture was born. Malvena lead her surviving fey children into the Faerie and surrendered rule of the Earth to the children of the Heavens.

The Celestial Empire of Man and the First Eylssian (Age of Light and Darkness)

In the aftermath of the war, Aesur built an empire for his children. He established laws and placed the rule under the command of his most trusted priests. Gerigon went into service of the Sun god, escorting the souls of the dead to the Twilight Keep so that he may judge them. Those who broke the laws of the Empire were sentinced to imprisonment in Hell. Those who did not were brought to Heaven

Unfortunately, mankind is corruptible.

The high priests grew greedy for wealth and power and used the Laws to further their own goals. Those who stood in their way were slain. One of those was an unnamed man, forever known as the Elysian. He was a young, passionate public speaker, slain on a trumped charge. When he came before Aesur, he argued against God, and, suprisingly, won.

Aesur manifest before his priests and declared that the laws would be changed to reflect the changing times. Aesur decided that once every generation, he would invest a portion of his conciousness to a mortal. And if that mortal died in an unjustified way, he would change his laws to fix the injustice.

The Demon Wars and the Second Eylsian

It began in Faerie. A shadow demon, former servant of the Dead Lithis slipped from the Abyss to Faerie bearing a gift of a fine wine. He presented this to Adellena. She drank it without worry, only to discover it was distilled from the life blood of the Dark Goddess herself.

As she struggled to prevent herself from being taken over by Lithis, she begged the help of her husband Corellus, who took up a woodsmen’s axe and cut her in half. Each half healed instantly and where there was once one being there were now two: Adellena, Queen of Love and Beauty and Lithis, Queen of Air and Darkness.

Lithis fled to the border of Faerie and the Abyss and there, rallied an enormous army and led them through Faerie to storm the other planes.

This was the largest war in history. It raged across every plane. No one can tell you how it ended, other than that Lithis’s soul was scoured from the body it inhabited, leaving the Queen of Air and Darkness corrupted, but alive and free of the Dark Goddess’s influence.

However the most important result of this war was that a young boy was slain by a demon that was part of an army raging through Avarda. That boy was the Elysian. Aesur decided to shut down contact between all of the Planes and Avarda, leaving that plane to fend for itself.

Second Celestial Empire (Age of Wonders)

Mankind was flung down to the levels of the beast by the Demon war. It is thought that a wise and noble man named Dantalion somehow foresaw the disaster and managed to collect the scholars, philosophers and wizards of the Imperial Capital to protect its citizens.

Long story short, the city of Tyrn emerges from the catastrophe a good two or three centuries ahead of the rest of the world, both culturally and technologically. Its citizens began a holy quest to spread the light. The man who united them was named the Lord Protector. His reign was marked by founding cities across the world, bringing their culture and technology to the desperate and destitute.

Unfortunately, by the time his son had risen and was crowned Emperor, many of the outlying places had managed to scrap together some form of existence, and a few of those new barbarian warlords did not wish to lose power. The four centuries were marked by a slow expansion, warfare, and rapid technological growth. By time the great battle of Quared, where the last resistance was crushed, they were the most advanced civilization in the history of the world, with techno-magical marvels the likes of which the world had never before seen, and weapons powerful enough to destroy a city, or even threaten a god.

Rise of the God Emperor

The Reigning Emperor at the Battle of Quarel died over the course of that conflict. His son, a scholar, was named Emperor Vorres Dantalion the First. It was through his wisdom and vision that the great empire turned its back on war and began an era of peace and prosperity. Under his reign, the Age of Wonders truly began to flourish. As he lay dying at his death bed, a council of his chief advisors banded together. They knew his heir, though well selected, could hold the empire without the wisdom of his sire. They constructed a crown that was designed to trap the soul of its wearer, and also designed to impart a part of any existing, trapped soul upon the next wearer. Thus, they hoped, the wisdom of Vorres Dantalion would be passed to all in his line.

When Vorres died, his crown, and his wisdom, passed to his son. And so it lasted for a five hundred years. The Empire was ruled with peace and prosperity.

Unfortunately, the crown had an additional side-effect. As more and more souls entered the crown, it began to drain the soul of whoever wore it, resulting in increased aging at first, then eventually infertility, then disease. Because of this, the Line of Dantalion slowly vanished. When it was gone, the people of the empire were at a loss. Finally, a chief adviser to the crown decreed that the Crown itself would be emperor. When need arose to consult with the Emperor, a volunteer would come forth, wear the crown, and sacrifice himself to gain the wisdom of the Dantalion heirs.

Unfortunately, willing volunteers ran few, eventually the Empire was forced to use conscripts, usually the criminal or insane. And thus, over the course of the next few hundred years, the crown ceased being a vessel of wisdom and became a vessel of madness. The souls trapped within it were at war with one another, unable to gain ground.

The strange, and often terrible decrees of the God Emperor caused resistance movements to begin across the world. For the most part, they were easily suppressed, however every time one was put down, several more took its place.

Finally, one day, the horrifying composite entity known as Dantalion, God Emperor, set up a terrible mechanism. First, he had weapons constructed, unlike any the world had ever seen. Every city in the empire built one to his specifications. Then he had the order given, in secret, to detonate them all in a single night of fire. Only Tyrn was spared. The weapons were said to steal the very fire of the Sun. And so it might have been, for it attracted the attention of Aesur. The Demon Wars long ago resolved, he revoked the barriers separating the Earth from the other planes and looked, in horror, upon what man had wrought in His absence. In his wrath, he destroyed Tyrn, and banished the God Emperor Dantalion to the Howling, a prison dimension beyond the heavens and beneath the deepest pit of hell.

Age of Dragons, Age of Heroes, Age of Magelords, Age of Saints

The world once more crippled, humanity rose again from the ashes in an age of violence and heroism. In this new world, two strong powers emerged as the dominant forces: The Dragons, who commanded vast stretches of territory as their own and the Magelords who created vast towers where they could continue their study of the arcane aspects of creation. At first, there was no conflict between the two. However, humanity, seeking safety from the Preditions of Dragonkind, began creating cities at the base of those towers. Nearby towns began going to their neighbor Magelords, asking for protection in exchange for taxes. Soon, both Magelord and Dragonkind began to wonder if war was inevitable. Both sides sent representitives to the recently destroyed city of Tyrn. They created a treaty which divided the world up in territorial chunks.

The Dragon Wars.

Unfortunately, it couldn’t last. The Golden Emperess, a Great Wyrm who commanded Dragonkin across the entire western Continent, finally succumbed to death’s grip and took her place as a star in the heavens. Of her children, one rose to prove himself the strongest, wisest most charismatic. He was a half-human Sorcerer named Xerxes, whose power at least equaled the existing Magelords.

The sudden awarding of a huge tract of territory to a half human mage rankled the Dragonkin and it didn’t take much for the aggression of the Red Emperor in the east to decide that this was a violation of the Treaty of Tyrn and declare war against his magelord neighbors.

Thus began the Dragon Wars, which ended when the Third Elysian was sacrificed to in an attempt by a mage to gain Godhood. Aesur shut down the whole thing after that.

Age of Kings

After that collapse, A number of petty Warlords began carving up the world between them. The result was the Age of Kings, which is coming to a close now. You guys were asleep through this period of history so you don’t know much about it, but it technically ended with the Death of the Fourth Elysian during the Fall of Tyrn fiasco.


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