The Kingdom of Hell

When Aesur left the netherworld, he left his Chief General, Asmodeus, as Regent in his absence. After the events of the Demon War, Asmodeus declared himself King of Hell and no one, not even Aesur, has seen fit to deny him that title.

Hell is a kingdom under siege. The Demon Horde, ever growing in numbers, is held fast at its gates and spawn just as fast as they are slain. Its 9 duchies, each located within and below the last, create both the world’s largest fortress and world’s most inescapable prison. Often its inmates are pressed into service in its military and through excellence in combat it is theoretically possible to climb through the ranks. Bel, duke of the first circle, was once a mortal soul, it is said.

Once, the Devils of Hell served Aesur’s will as servants. Though none, even and especially Asmodeus would dare oppose him, Aesur has allowed them to rule their own kingdom, providing them with souls to turn the machines of war against the Demon Horde while swearing them to never move against the Heavens.

Palace of Twilight

Even more secure than Asmodeus’s regal Fortress in Nessus, The Palace of Twilight is the ultimate bastion of Hell, floating above Avernus. It was from here that Aesur launched his campaign that carved the Kingdom of Hell from the Netherworld’s teeming masses.

Every evening, Aesur retires to the Palace of Twilight to pass jugement on the souls of all those who died that day. Those he deems worthy, he brings with him upon his chariot to travel the Heavens with him. Those who he deems unworthy are damned to spend their eternity in hell, slaving to serve the purposes of that twisted empire.

An army of Devils more than the equal of one any single duke could muster guards the Palace from any foolish enough to risk Aesur’s wrath by attacking it

The Abyss

Where it is easy to enumerate exactly what Hell is, the Abyss is a bit trickier. It is outside Hell. It encircles it, but only touches Avernus, the first and topmost layer of hell. Yet it is described by those few travelers brave or stupid enough to go there and lucky enough to return as a deep, endless pit, the only flat surfaces being outcroppings and ledges along the wall. It teems with demons on every available surface, constantly fighting to find and extinguish any light they can find.

The Dark

At the bottom of the Abyss is the Dark. This is, of course, absurd, for there is no bottom to the abyss; but when the fires of Hell no longer illuminate, and demonkin are freed of their self-hatred and repulsion, A strange and terrible stillness takes over. There, suspended in the pitch-black poisonous miasma that makes up that place, the Dead Goddess, Lithis exists. She has no physical form. In a way, she is the Dark. She plots and plans constantly, attempting to seek revenge for her embarrassment, death and imprisonment.


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