Oestria is the Western Continent of Avarda.


Rivael is the wealthiest and most populated nation of Oestria. Politically, it manages a struggle between a central Monarchy and the Lords of the area. Countless rivers and streams meander across Rivael, however the vast majority of these converge in the Tyrn River.

Major Cities:

  • Dragonport Capital City
  • Tyrn Destroyed, but still important. Rivals Solanus as the oldest city in the world.

The Celestine State

A theocracy neighboring Rivael. It has been the Holy Land of the Church of Aesur since the begining of time.

Major Cities:

The Waste

Almost unoccupied, save for Orcs.

Major Cities:

  • Passfort: Last stop of civilization, in the mouth of the World’s End Mountains
  • Fountain: Largest oasis in the desert. Bastion of civilization. Constantly at war with the Orcs.


The White North

Major Cities:

  • Jorvalheim: A hot springs located in this frigid vale makes Jorvalheim the largest city of the Winterlands.
  • Svartfjordr: A major port town near Jorvalheim. Seasonal storms make it only a viable port during spring and summer months. During that period its population is over twice than during the winter months.


Island that is even colder than most of the Winterlands


Traditionally a region of rural grasslands. Hisperia spent a good deal of the Age of Kings divided amongst petty warring rulers. But fifty years ago Queen Catalina I of Adriana managed to unite the entire nation benieth her banner. Her rule also saw the discovery of the New World, whose resources her people have exploited to make them more powerful. Now it is second only to Rivael in wealth.

Major Cities:

  • Adriana: The capital city.


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