Orientis is the second smallest continent of Avarda.


The coldest portion of Orientis.

Major Cities:

  • Voskava: Traditional Capital


To the southwest of Urska, a small, nomadic culture makes its home here. Home to countless bards, rogues, thieves and gypsies. Also possesses an unsually high halfling population, not that we’re saying that all halflings are gypsies, thieves and rogues…

Major Cities:

  • Akademie: It originally wasn’t a city, but has become one. One part bardic college; one part college town; one part grand temple to Correllus, Akademie has become

Northern Al Gheib

More info at Al Gheib


The Mysterious land to the East is rarely visited. Once ruled by vicious dragons, a lost tribe of Elves since thoroughly interbred with its people.


An island nation which has, until recently, held the claim to fame of being the only Elven Kingdom on Avarda, founded by a group of Exiles who failed to prevent the Dragon War from begining, and instead allied with the rest of the Dragons against the Mage Lords.


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