The Sidhe are the direct descendants of Adelena. Ageless, graceful and powerful, they exist in the world of Faerie, beyond the vale of our world. The Sidhe are aloof from mankind; they have long memories and the loss of Avarda still festers against their pride, although if you were to ask, they would. There three courts of Faerie and the Sidhe exist as the aristocracy in all but one: The Seelie Court, Unseelie Court, and the Grove

While most Sidhe favor one court over another, the pure alliegence is difficult to determine. Many Sidhe move freely between the three.

Seelie Court

Adelena’s court devotes itself to the concepts of love and beauty, but as often is home to constant scandal. Adelena and her husband Correllus are renown for their frequent break ups and for millennia spend more time appart than together. While he’s away, Adelena is known for keeping multiple consorts, usually one man and one woman at a time.

Unseelie Court

Aeons ago, Lithis’s disembodied soul attempted to take possession of of Adelena’s body. It instead resulted in the creation of a new entity, known only as the Queen of Air and Darkness, the action that eventually sparked what was known as the Demon War.

The eventual result of this was Lithis’s soul (and divine power) being removed from the Queen, the influence she managed to command on Faerie remains. The Unseelie Court exists along the border of Faerie and the Underworld and the Palace of Mirrors exists exactly on the border.

While seperated, many believe the Queen of Air and Darkness remains in contact with the Soul of Lithis, now imprisoned within the Abyss.

The Grove

The Highest Layer of Faerie is known as the Grove, or the Heart of the Forest. The Grove is the Court of Malvena herself. Malvena’s guardians hold authority here, but many Sidhe also make there home here.


Sidhe organize their power structure as an aristocracy, Noble Houses, each one controlled by a Faerie Lord who has absolute authority over all those within it. Lordship within a house is a complicated matter that seems to reflect influence and magical prowess, along with some less substantial matters like apparent destiny.


The worst punishment among the Sidhe is exile to Avarda, stripped of their immortality and birthright, they are considered by their former peers to have been “made human” although the truth is somewhat more cruel than that. A Faerie Lord has the power to exile any within his house. Exile is most often the punishment for a political crime.


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