Almost every river in Rivaen feeds into the Tyrn River; The riverways of a prosperous and fertile land focused to a single point; where it feeds into the sea of trade. And in the mouth of that river, sits an island. An old song proclaims the city of Tyrn as “the place the waters meet.” And it is appropriate. Tyrn has stood, slowly expanding over the centuries, from time immimorial. While the archivists of Solanus might disagree, most historians agree that Tyrn is the oldest city in the world. It was the Capital of the Second Celestial Empire and is consistently the wealthiest city, and is usually also the largest.

Tyrn in the Age of Heroes

During the Age of Heroes, this place was called the Free City of Tyrn. It was considered neutral ground between all of the Mage Lords and Dragons. An ancient treaty between the world powers had taken place here when the city was refounded following its earlier destruction on the Day of Fire. Each of the Magelords had a manse there, but rarely used it.

The City’s guardian was a Great Wyrm Brass Dragon that spent most of its time in human form, in the lap of luxury. Most of the civic duties and peacekeeping that is part of a cities required maintainance was done by an army of golems that had remained in the catacombs benieth the city, left from the arsenal of the Celestial Empire.

Tyrn had no taxes. With no police force or road workers to pay wages for, the city had a remarkably small overhead. Instead, the operating budget of the city was maintained soly by donation; however offices in government were awarded to the people who donated the most money.

Tyrn during the Dragon Wars.

Tyrn’s Guardian never rebelled against Xerxes, however neither did he aid him. For a considerable portion of the War, the city was avoided; a neutral territory. However eventually, as both sides began to feel the financial strain of war, the rich coffers and strategic importance of the city became too much to ignore. A terrible battle took place there, multiple sides of the War all striving to claim the city at once while its inhabitants struggled to defend it from assault on all sides. Eventually, the Golems were destroyed, the Guardian slain, and the city plundered and raised.

During the Age of Kings.

Tyrn traded hands a number of times during the Age of Kings. It never quite reached its true potential until the Merchant Lords rebuilt it after it was destroyed in a war against Al’Gheib.

Tyrn as controlled by the Merchant Lords was a great, sprawling city where coin was king and the trade was the thing. The same old song would declare that every adventure, no matter how great or how small, would find its way to that Ancient city, and for the most part that was true. However, due to a plot by one of the Merchant Lords to take complete control of the city, a series of events led to the city being burned to the ground by a raging barbarian horde. Good times…


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