She of Starry Eyes, Lithis’ Bane, Aesur’s Shame, Dragonfriend Intermediate Goddess

Symbol: A crescent Moon

Home Plane: The Heavens

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Portfolio: Moon, Night, Magic, Bastards

Domains: Air, Luck, Knowledge, Magic, Moon

Favored Weapon: Longbow

Ysira is the Bastard Daughter of Aesur by Nerai, and the one ultimately destroyed Aesur’s archnemisis, Lithis. Following the Dragon Wars she was imprisoned in her own Lunar Palace and worship of her was banned by the Church of Aesur. This has only recently been revoked.


Ysira has few demands of her followers. Only to the unwanted child does she give an edict: Do not let your parents shame prevent you from shining. She does, however, encourage her followers to fight Undeath wherever they find it, for she realizes that these creatures are the minions of Lithis.

Temples and Clergy

Until recently, the priests of Ysira had to hide their presence. Due to their secretive nature, a cellular nature of religious institutions had developed. Perhaps every cell might have contacts with one or two others, but was mostly independant.

Recently, several ancient temples have been rediscovered. Services are held at night under an open sky. Altars are always open to the sky, usually located at the top of a hill.


Ysira resents her father, but refuses to let their relationship shape who she is as a Goddess. She has a son, Reyas, by a mortal thief. Reyas has recently given up his position as God of the Night so that his mother could once again obtain that title.


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