Faerie is a complicated plane of existence. On the one hand, it appears to be a single plane, governed by similar laws and populated by the same dominant species. On another hand, it can be considered to be several different planes of existance, each reflecting a different outlook. Some elven exiles claim that Faerie is not so much a place as it is the a way of traveling between the planes.

For members of the Fey, travel to Faerie from the Material Plane, or between the different layers of Faerie is like simply traveling a distance, and with a Fey guide even mortals can attempt such a journey.

There are universal laws within Faerie, for instance, every body of water is connected to every other body of water. However for the mortal traveler, Faerie is almost best considered several planes, each connected to each other.

Here are the layers of Faerie and where they are connected to the other planes of existence.


Lumina is Avarda as seen through a clear, prismatic lense. Colors are brighter and more vibrant, nature is more present and all life feels more alive. It is one of the two Faerie layers connected to Avarda. It is connected to several other layers of Faerie but requires a Faerie guide to navigate it. Any city in Lumina is connected to the Seelie Court. Any Forrest in Lumina connects to the Heartwood. Any Road can lead to Umbria.


Where Lumina is the world of color and life, Umbria is the world as seen through a darkened glass. Umbria is, effectively, the plane of shadows. Any city connects to the Unseelie Court. Any Forrest connects to the Heartwood. Any Road can lead to Lumina.

The Heartwood

In the Center of Faerie is a place called the Heartwood. There is no floor in the Heartwood and concepts such as “ground level” are completely subjective. The central feature of the Heartwood are a virtually infinite number of trees which seem to stretch infinitely up and down, branches and roots intertwining with those of their neighbors. The trees themselves are so vast as to have forests of smaller trees growing in their larger branches and roots. By entering one of the smaller forests, one can find a way to Lumina or Umbria.

In addition to being connected to all of the Faerie Planes, the Heartwood also connects to the Elemental Planes. The Canopy connects to the Plane of Air, the roots burrow into the Plane of Earth. Any Lake is a connection to the Plane of Water. The bright, fiery flowers which provide illumination are portals to the plane of Fire. Each of these Elemental Portals are almost always guarded by a fey who will usually demand gifts of some kind in exchange for safe passage. Even other Fey do not use such passages without good reason.

The Grove

According to those among the Sidhe mortal scholars have been able to talk to, the Grove is located in the arms of the tallest, oldest, centralmost tree of the Heartwood. For those few who’ve been there, however, it appears to be a forrest on its own, made up of much smaller trees. The Grove is effectively the Palace of Malvena.

Seelie Court

The Seelie Court is the domain of Adellena, Goddess of Beauty. It maintains the Portal of Dawn which opens to The Heavens whenever Aesur rising

Unseelie Court

THe Unseelie Court is the domain of the mysterious Queen of Air and Darkness. It maintains a perminent portal to the Dark, 666th layer of the Abyss.


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