Sea of Trade

The Sea of Trade is the most important body of water in the world, separating Oestria from Orientis. The Waters of the sea of trade are relatively shallow and peaceful, protected from the Storms of the Northern Sea by the Gale Isles and by the seasonal Monsoons of the South Sea by the Sunsea Isles

Gale Isles

A group of islands that lie in the northern Sea of Trade, the Gale Isles is home to a red-haired, good natured people who mostly ply their trade as shepherds, sailors and warriors.

The myth of the founding of these isles are as such: Once upon a time, there was a man of such virtue that he drew the affection of Adellena, Goddess of Love and Beauty herself. They spent their lives together and bore each other fifteen children, all girls. Upon their father’s death, the Goddess took those among their daughters who were still children and traveled to faerie. The elder ten, who were adult women, had become mortal and could not come. However the ten sisters were dazzlingly beautiful and as the Gods of the Heavens looked down upon them, several Gods fell in love with the daughters and took them as wives. Their children, twice blessed by divine blood, became the lords of the realm.

However no one can quite agree exactly who those ten gods were.

Once upon a time, these were home of the Magelord Harad, the Storm Lord.

Sunsea Isles

The Southern Isles of Sea of Trade are a tropical appear a Tropical Paradise, except when the world’s worse storms blow through the area once a year.

Sea of Trade

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